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Welcome to Not for Blokes (Australia)

Me smiling as I'm about to open a bottle of one of my favourites

My name is Alison Drew-Forster and this is my blog.

My blog is designed to feel like the time you spend catching up with your girlfriends, having a gossip and a chat over a cuppa or a glass of wine.

Somewhere you can visit, be who you really are and say what you really want to say.*

So what are the kinds of things we might be chatting about in our catchup?

It is likely there will be some politics.  After all we live in a country which now boasts two female heads of state.

Expect some celebrity gossip. Or at least – comment on celebrity gossip.

There will be some sport. Hey, even Marieke Hardy is a football fan.

The hallowed turf. Sourced from Flickr Creative Commons

And yes, there will be some relationship posts. Whether it is about partners – how do you get them to stop working such long hours??

Maybe it is about the kids – but this is NOT A MUM’S BLOG.

Then there are all the wider family issues that are ripe for blogging about.

I’m from a complicated family background.  I have nine brothers, two sisters, two mums, two dads, as well as in-laws. I have two offspring. And around 35 neices and nephews. That’s a lot of family – and a lot of material to work with.

Although perhaps not as rich with material as this family.

I’m a women who has waved 40 goodbye, and I’m currently going through my own version of a mid-life crisis. Actually I prefer to use the term “renewal”.

I’m learning a lot about renewal. Things like “You have to find your own balance like a bird on it’s first flight”.

I don’t think I’m the only woman in this space.

My body is also experiencing  some changes. Some good -I’ve dropped a couple of dress sizes in recent years.

A fair portion not so good –  I am overly familiar with the words “arthroscope” and “arthritis”.

Please come and join me on my online exploration of life – through a woman’s eyes.



Cheers to that. From Flickr CC

* As long as it’s not hurtful, derogatory, disrespectful, defamatory or in any way shape or form cyber-bullying.


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  1. looking forward to lots of social commentary on notforblokes. I too consider myself a multi-faceted woman of the world. I am a wife and mother YES! but I am also a friend, a sister, a business owner, a daughter, a concerned citizen and an over opinionated know it all! I want to discuss all sorts of things, argue and debate what is important to me and hear all that others have to say…NOT just talk about my beautiful baby boy, although he is beautiful!
    Looking forward to lots of interesting stuff

    • Thanks Shelley for posting my first comment! And you have so very neatly summed up in your comment exactly what I am aiming for in my blog – a space where as multi-faceted women of the world, we can show are many sides of ourselves as we like, without being confined to one label such as wife or mother. Because we do have opinions on wide ranging topics! Please let me know if there is any subject in particular you might like me to blog about. See you in the blogasphere soon. Ali.

  2. Paula Cunniffe

    Himy friend Ali,
    The sky is the limit with this one. As you say, part of the renewal process but who knows where it will take you and I am delighted to be along for the ride.
    Similar to yourself and Shelley (hi).
    I am another one of those multifaceted women, mother.wife, friend, business owner, sister, orphan (both parents gone to whatever lies beyond) in no particular order….interested in what is happening out there in the world and very committed to my lens on the world being a positive one, trying consistently to focus on positive habits and a can do attitude.

    Great to be on board and congrats Ali for stepping out of that comfort zone (yet again), here’s to wonderful women everywhere!!


  3. Hi there, although have never really got into the blog thing will be right with you sisters on this one. Great stuff Al and it will be so nice to share thoughts, ideas, resources and humour. I too am multi-polar: wife, mother, daughter, sister, manager, taxi driver, precious princess and wannabee actress!

    I love sport, politics and want to make a difference to this pretty mediocre world! Well done Al – my bff. x


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