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Hello from a hypochondriac.

Medical reminders sourced from flickr creative commons

I don’t like visits to the doctor. And yet as somewhat of a life long hypochondriac (can you actually be a hypochondriac if you think you are one?) I often feel a strange and compelling need to visit my GP.

In recent years I have had one too many medical interventions in my life. Three arthroscopes in three years to be exact. It seems the older I grow, the more problems I encounter with my body.

I’m not alone in this. In recent months my husband and two friends have all suffered from back injuries caused by seemingly innocuous events like lifting the clothes out of the clothes dryer. Or bowling in beach cricket.

My New Years resolution for 2011 was  no surgical interventions for the year. Preferably no medical ones either, although alternative remedies are acceptable – I’ve been visiting a kinesiologist. But that’s for another post.

Today following several months of irritating symptoms in a ladies only zone, I finally succumbed and said “Happy New Year” to my long suffering GP.

He promptly told me I had to have a pelvic ultrasound as he had suggested pre-Xmas. But who has time for those kinds of things the week before Christmas, when the in-laws are visiting for the first time? *

He spoke in positive tones about “ovarian cysts” and made a lovely analogy between egg whites and yolks, and the female reproduction system.

Yolks and whites from flickr cc

He also mentioned the “C” word and asked questions about family medical history and if I been sweating a lot lately.

I am writing this blog in part because I think as women we do share our medical woes with our friends- certainly my long suffering friends well know my various ailments. And let’s face it, do our partners really want to know about these issues, unless they are serious?

The other reason I am writing this for a blog post is because writing is stopping me from consulting Dr Google.

According to one of my post grad friends in an opinion piece published in The Hun this week, Gen Y’s regularly consult Dr Google. But I think it’s not just Gen Y, certainly not in my case.

Do you regularly consult Dr Google or are you too sensible for that?

Have you ever had a scary diagnosis after such a consult – which proved   correct when you visited a real GP?

And if you are a member of my family, please don’t tell me any “C” stories. I’m much better off in blissful ignorance.

Cheers till next time,


PS If anyone would like to use this forum to share any health worries, please be my guest. Of course as I’m not a Dr, I won’t be able to solve your problems. But I’m happy to listen.

*Again, that’s another post. Or maybe not, depending on who follows my blogs..


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  1. Don’t get me started on the increasing ailments encountered as we get older. Whilst I am actually a fan of Dr Google, I am generally pretty good at following up concerns with doctors.
    Case in point: I spent more than two years exploring possible causes for digestive issues – did you know bloating is a symptom of ovarian cancer? Only to discover that I have a relatively common condition – IBS, which is exacerbated by certain foods, namely wheat, onion and garlic. And who wants to live a life without those things? I think I’d rather have lived in ignorance too.


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