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The Royal Wedding – enough already!

"Royal Wedding Graffiti" sourced from Flickr CC

After a lovely extended break for Easter, I’m back to my blog and was pleasantly surprised to discover how much I missed blogging.

And what a wonderful time to return to the blogosphere. So much going on the world, ripe for blogging about. America facing the prospect of Donald Trump running for President in 2012. Julia Gillard holding talks with the both the President and Premier of China . The count down to The Biggest Loser finale. And of course,  “widowed black swan finds new love after mate killed” in Melbourne.

Yes, the last was headline news across Melbourne yesterday (27/4/11), both online and on our TVs. A  bizarre example of what is deemed ‘newsworthy’. From there we segue into the real point of this blog – the exaggerated media coverage of “The Wedding of the Century”.

As someone who aspires to be a fully certified member of the media, I  am both amazed, shocked and a little embarrassed by the extent of Australian coverage.

It seems every hour there is yet another breaking story. Even George Negus’ allegedly more serious version of ACA and TT (6.30pm with George Negus) is dedicating at least one story a night to the big event. All this even before the coverage of the actual wedding on Friday night.

Photo sourced from article below

Today a headline story is, hold onto your seats, of Kate Middleton being spotted driving with what is claimed to be a copy of her wedding vows visible through the window. Or at least visible with the aid of a powerful paparazzi lens.

My question is this – do we really care this much about the wedding?

Has the media gone too far this time?

I think I understand after twelve months of journalism school what makes a story newsworthy (The Four C’s – Controversy, Conflict, Celebrity and Crime – with thanks to Mandy Oakham).

And please don’t for one moment harbour any misunderstanding about me – I love a bit of celebrity goss and glamour as well as the next person. Maybe even more than most.

I also love a good wedding – hell, I even seriously considered becoming a wedding planner. And I worked in a bridal shop selling dresses for a while, so I’m looking forward to seeing what style of dress Kate does go for. For what it’s worth,  I’m guessing it won’t be your traditional meringue but perhaps a modern empire line design.

But this time I say “enough already”. Instead of devoting all this airtime to a wedding of royals largely irrelevant to Australians, isn’t there more newsworthy stories to tell?

At least Seven is still showing the Carlton v Sydney game.

Go Blues - let's beat the SCG hoodoo




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  1. I am very sorry to say that although I am a devout republican, I too was completely sucked in by the Wills and Kate show. BTW LOVED the dress – very ’50’s – but it does perturb me somewhat that as a serious news girl I was drawn into the broadcast and follow up stories on changes of attire after parties. I think it was a feel good moment amid so many depressing ones!!

    • As a footnote I should say, I wasn’t dissing on the whole idea of watching the Royal Wedding – but rather on the fact the coverage went on for days prior to the event and there was so little choice of other viewing on the night of the wedding. I did watch as Kate arrived and walked down the aisle (had to check out the dress after all) and then I did eagerly consume the articles and watch some of the highlights on-line the next couple of days. I’m not saying it wasn’t newsworthy – just too much of a good thing!

  2. I 100% agree on your line of thought however…
    Aren’t there more newsworthy stories to tell?

  3. I agree with you 100% however…
    Aren’t there more newsworthy stories to tell?

  4. Well I think old OBL will now be the news item d’jour – bye Wills and Kate!

  5. Danielle Bendall

    I thought the more telling thing about our society – ok at least our media preoccupations – was when it was announced that the NSW and Qld viewers “would now be leaving us for the rugby coverage”. I know my views on this topic would class me as a minority Australian, but seriously – a ball game takes precedence over the “wedding of the century”?
    As for the wedding coverage, I thought channel 9’s decision to have Dame Edna as a commentator was pure gold.


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