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When you meet your soul mate.

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Because it is Friday,  I thought it would be fitting to end the week on a lighter note rather than the post on domestic violence I had planned to be my next post.

And today the concept of “soul mate” and “love of your life” is on my mind following a funeral I attended.

Today’s funeral was for someone I knew a little, admired a great deal, and who was very important to people I love.

It was an uplifting occasion, as the celebrant claimed, a celebration of a life lived fully. For me, part of the beauty of the service  was the heart-felt belief of the family that their Nonna was going to be reunited with her soul mate after 32 years apart.

Apparently the couple had been childhood friends who went on to marry at 23.

This  got me wondering – at what age is it possible to meet your soul mate? Is it possible to meet them as children or do you have to be an adult with adult emotions? And is there truly one soul mate for everybody, or just a number of viable options depending on where your life journey takes you?

Ever helpful google suggests in one article 

Be patient. Fate doesn’t work on a schedule. Your soul mate might cross your path when you’re 8 or 80 years old”.

I am especially interested to see the mention of “8”. Whilst my daughter would be mortified at me writing this, I believe she may have met her soul mate already, yes, when she was in Grade 2 and aged 8.

At the time I remember her saying the boy in question was her “boyfriend” and they “loved each other”. Then the boy left to go to another school. Over the next three years she has run into him a couple of times around the local area, and most recently at our Easter holidays at Port Fairy.

Each time she sees him, she turns from a little girl into a proper teenager, and exhibits all the behaviours I remember engaging in – but when I was at least ten years older than her. You know, the hair-flick. The walk-by with your girlfriend. The embarrassment.

And when we ran into him in Port Fairy, even my mother-in-law commented on the obvious chemistry between the two of them.

Only time will tell if indeed Chloe has met her soul mate. Or one of them.

In the meantime I can no doubt look forward to many romantic episodes and high dramas from my teenage daughter – born under the star sign of Scorpio, which you may know is said to be the most sexual of the star signs.

I guess I can only hope that whether or not she has already met her soul mate, she will be happy and loved in the way we all deserve by her eventual partner.

And finally, RIP Nonna Bianca. I hope you enjoy being reunited with your husband.




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