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Beauty and the ageing process: a study of hypocrisy

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It is the theme of many an article in women’s magazines. Even the more “serious” offerings such as Marie Clare have stories about the issue. Not to mention  Health and Fitness magazines.

I am talking about the ageing process, more specifically, ways to defy the ageing process.

There are articles listing all the surgical options available, usually with helpful tips about the pros and cons of each.

Or it might be  recommendations for the “best” age-defying lotions and potions available to purchase.

A common favourite theme is the sharing of celebrities “beauty secrets”. Helpful tips about how many glasses of water you need to drink a day in order to end up with similar skin to celebrities such as Nicole Kidman. Who, for the record, we all just KNEW was definitely using Botox. Good to see she has finally come clean on that account.

I have often scoffed at all these articles, and felt sorry for those “poor celebrities” who have such low self-esteem, they have resorted to surgery in an effort to hold onto the glory days.

I would only have to see pictures of Jocelyn Wildenstein (the ‘bride of Wildenstein” – read her story here under “10 Worst plastic surgery disasters“), or catch a glimpse of Sam Newman on the footy show, to know that I was never going to go down that path.

Jocelyn Wildenstein sourced from the above article

For many years I also laughed at the cosmetic industry and the products meant to entice me to part from my hard-earned cash, for little gain.

But isn’t it funny how you can lose the moral high ground when faced with the evidence of your own ageing.

Recently I have started to “look my age”. I have always prided myself on looking younger than I actually am. It was a curse in my early 20s when I was continually asked for ID attempting to get into pubs and clubs.

Oh how I’d love to have those days back. But even in recent years, like last year when studying with a bunch of Gen Y’s, I was pretty confident I looked (and acted) younger than I am. Or so people kept telling me.

Only a few months ago...

But for reasons I can’t fathom, in recent weeks things have started to change. The frown wrinkles on my forehead have started to glow like the lane lines on a well-lit running track. And the (genetic) creases around my eyes suddenly seemed to have doubled.

How and why is this happening now – and to such an extent?

As if I wasn’t aware of this myself, I’ve had people suddenly making comments to bring it to my attention. Female work colleagues commenting I look good “for someone your age”. Or noting how injuries take longer to heal “the older you get, like we are”.

The icing on the cake – the male colleague who asked if I had children who were Generation X. Ah, excuse me? I look old enough to have children my own age? This was said three weeks ago, and clearly I’m still trying to recover from it.

Just this week someone I was interviewing for a job commented how they were surprised to be meeting someone “Senior, like yourself”. I’m trying hard to believe he meant my status in the company.

With all of this evidence of me starting to look older, suddenly I find myself reconsidering the beauty options available to me. And checking the bank balance to see exactly what I can afford to do about it.

I'm hoping the creams will work like this (sourced from google images)

Botox? I was never going to be so vain as to go down that path. But now – hey, even Myer are offering it at their shop counters. That must mean it’s ok. So  I’ve decided to accompany one of my friends to a Botox specialist clinic. Purely for research you understand.

And those expensive lotions and potions? Today I begged a shop assistant for a cream to help with the eye wrinkles, and happily parted with the total of my weekly “allowance” for a jar the approximate size of a 50 cent piece.

As well as a tube of “primer” – because clearly treating my face like a wall about to be painted is going to shave years of my face.

Sourced from google images

Now I’m a little afraid at the path I have started down. Where will it all end? Will I soon be planning my trip to Thailand for  “R and R” (aka a facelift?)

Either way, I can’t spend any longer contemplating this at the moment. I’m running late for my appointment with my beauty therapist.

Cheers till next time,



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  1. You look gorgeous in that photo, Al!
    Funny you should discuss this topic. As you know, I don’t really do “products”. Can’t be bothered, can’t afford it, never had a role model/teacher. But lately (if I’m honest, it’s been the last few years), I catch glimpses of myself in windows and mirrors and feel almost ugly. My face looks haggard and pale and sort of cranky.
    I am contemplating options. But I wouldn’t know where to start.
    It’s not like I’m heading out to glamorous bars in my fabulous new fashionable outfits (bummer!)
    I’m 43. Married. Bogged down with work and mortgage. And would rather stay at home with my cocker spaniels (and husband!).
    And I’d still rather spend my money on wine, than make-up.
    Sunny Queensland is nice though – come and visit anytime!
    Gibbo xxx


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