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The great Australian tradition of passing the buck

This was not the blog post I intended to write today. Following on from last week’s (as yet unpublished) political diatribe about the asylum seeker debate (or lack thereof) and after a particularly gruelling start to my working week, I was planning something light-hearted.

Either a light-hearted comparison of the movie “Horrible Bosses” with my real life examples. You might have had trouble separating the truth from the fiction in that post.

Or a reflection (boast) on the wonderful girls weekend I enjoyed last weekend – the french champagne, the home cooked/hand served meal awaiting us on arrival, the day spa visit.

The start of a great weekend...notice the magnum of champers.

But no, it seems my blog has been hi-jacked quite out of my control. As Mia Freeman said recently (and no, I am not trying to put myself in her league) – it is amazing how these posts seem to demand to be written all by themselves. Although she was talking about her Sunday Age column. Still, I’m sure she would say it about her blog posts as well. I must ask my friend who has just started working at  Mamamia.

Sorry, serious digression there.

Back to the post actually demanding to be written, so much so that my hands are going much quicker than I keep up with. If you know what I mean.

Today I have wasted an hour of my precious time on my “day off”, caught up in a round of the great Aussie game of buck passing.

And as if that wasn’t frustrating enough, the subject is one of my least favourite topics. Superannuation. Even the way that word drips of the tongue is enough to send me to sleep. It has a similar effect on me as anything to do with tax does – brain freeze. Mention tax and the shutters go up, and no-one is home.

Yes I know and understand on one level how and why superannuation is important. I particularly understand how frustrating it must have been for all those baby boomers who were forced to keep working when the bottom dropped out of their super funds during the GFC.

sourced from google images

Still I fail to embrace superannuation as a concept and having to deal with anything “super” related bores me senseless. Save for the very interesting women’s breakfast I attended last month run by my super fund at which Caroline Wilson was the guest speaker. Now there is a woman I wish I could name as a mate. None the least because she is a great speaker and living my dream – and boy does she know some great gossip.

Sorry, another digression. I think it is “Post Passing the Buck Syndrome – PPBS”.

So this is how the buck passing went. Three and a half months ago when I started my new job, I decided to be a good super citizen and roll over my various funds into one.

A nice start to the next egg, sourced from google images

This is no easy task, especially when one fund has two accounts, under the two different versions of my name  -“Forster” & “Drew-Forster”.  I Had a brief stint trying to be “Mrs Forster” which wasn’t about pleasing the husband but my beloved mother-in-law.

However I never quite felt right as “Mrs Forster” so I went back to “Drew-Forster”. Like me, it is one of a kind. Insert dopey smiley face to show being ironic but cute.

Oops. Sorry again. Damn that PPBS.

Anyhow, two of the three rollovers went according to plan. One remained lost in the wilderness. Today I decided to try to hunt down the lost $10k. What ensued was a classic example of buck passing where the only person who  is at fault is apparently me. For believing the funds would be able to actually do their job.

As neither fund accepts responsibility, I have to go through all the form filling, document certification, posting in process again. More time wasted along with a significant amount of angst suffered.

Sourced from google images

When, how and why did we become so good at passing the buck? Why does it seem as if no-one accepts responsibility these days? I see it in the children – the mysterious unplugging of my Iphone from the computer to be replaced by their Ipods which apparently happened all by itself.

I see it at work – the sales department blames the admin department, who blames the trainers, who blame sales, when we do not reach targets.

And of course, passing the buck is par for the course from our politicians these days.

Which brings me right back to the post I was going to publish today.

Rollover till next time,



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  1. I hear you babe, Spent an inordinate amount of my sick day trying to to track down the appropriate telstra staffer who could answer my query on changing plans and early termination(phone plan not baby!)


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