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Understanding the Kardashians – a cry for help

Kim Kardashian sourced from Flickr Creative Commons

Can somebody out there in cyber land please help me ?

You see, the problem is I just don’t understand how or why the Kardashians are important and I need someone to explain it to me.

Having studied journalism last year, I think I have a pretty good grasp on what is “newsworthy”.  And I know that celebrities are, ipso facto (a nod to the lawyer within) always going to be inherently worthy of airtime.

But I just don’t understand how the Kardashians got to the point of being celebrities in the first place. And every time I see or hear another story about them, I groan in frustration.

Which makes me feel like I could be a contender for the next series of the BBC’s “Grumpy Old Women”.

Now please do not assume by these comments that I am some sort of anti-tabloid, anti-establishment, anti-everything kind of person. As I have said in previous blogs, that is far from the truth.

I love a good bit of gossip every bit as much as the next chick, probably more than most of my friends. And yes, it has got me into trouble on more than one occasion over the years.

I am a voracious consumer of celebrity stories on-line, and one of my main pleasures from going on holidays or to the hairdressers, is catching up on a backlog of Women’s Day’s and New Idea’s.

I feel emotions about and for many celebrities.  I genuinely hope Jennifer Aniston finds lasting happiness with her new man. And I refused to ever see a Tom Cruise movie again after what he did to “our Nicole”. Which has not been a heavy cross to bear it must be said.

But celebrities such as Aniston, Pitt, Cruise and the like are celebrities for a very obvious reason – they make movies or TV shows which make people happy, as well as themselves very rich.

Couldn't resist posting this one...sourced from google images

From what I know about the Kardashians, which I confess is deliberately very little, it seems the same cannot be said about them.

Correct me if I am wrong, but they are “famous” only because of a reality TV show about their lives. In which they do not really do anything. Except make a lot of high-pitched noise, if the promo I caught once is anything to go by.

The only other things I know about the Kardashians is that there several of them, the parents seem to have a fondness for spelling names with a “K”, and Kim has a largish posterior.

Even nearly 12-year-old  Chloe  keeps asking, “But Mummy, what do they do? Why are they famous?”

All I can do is loudly exclaim “Exactly!”, accompanied by a long-suffering sigh. For I have no answer to her question – and find myself asking a less polite version of the same question on frequent occasions.

Most recently of course there was all the fuss and frenzy around Kim (who I gather is the “main star” of the family,  or is that a misnomer?) and her very expensive marriage ceremony. Yesterday I heard the pair had been earning $250,000 a day as a direct result of the celebration. Which is, quite simply, mind-blowing.

Kim Kardashian's wedding sourced from google images

But the frenzy around her nuptials seems to have paled into insignificance next to the latest frenzy at the announcement of her divorce. Yesterday I could not turn on the radio, tv or computer without being bombarded with yet another story about Kim’s arrival in Australia, the divorce, and “exclusive interview” promotions.

Even The Chaser’s Hamster Wheel featured Kim in it’s version of the Melbourne Cup. Although at least they seemed to echo my sentiments – ‘we know this is the top story, but we can’t for the life of us understand why’.

So today, I am begging anyone who might happen to read this blog, and who understands the Kardashian attraction, to help out a sister. Put me out of my misery and explain it all to me.

For I’m not sure I can stop the whingeing and groaning until you do. Which is really not pleasant for those around me. Especially if coincides with my hormonal cycle.

Grumpy Old Woman signing out,



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  1. I agree. It really pisses me off. I understand the concept of celebrity and if people are willing to pay, then you can’t argue.
    What upsets me, is that I work really really hard and spend my days being really really stressed about work . . . and yet I get paid bugger all. And how long did I go to Uni for??
    And really, these celebrities don’t give that much to charity do they – not relatively speaking – they still have 5 mansions in 5 countries and have a new $3000 handbag every week. Ridiculous. And I’m sorry, Ali, but that includes Brad and Ange!!
    My pet hate: celebrities who get to do other stuff based on their fame – like actors who get to film a nature series in Antarctica just because they’re famous and not because they know anything. That totally shits me to tears! And they make more money out of it!!
    And then they probably get awarded a PhD for a contribution to the Arts or some shit.
    Back to my glass of vino . . .


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