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God or the Universe?

Recently my sister Dani told me a story about her former manager. Dani works at a not-for-profit organisation with a religious bent.

Which is kind of funny, given Dani is an atheist.

But the point of this story is her manager had applied for a promotion that everyone assumed she was a shoe-in for. When she was overlooked for the promotion, she confided in Dani that even though she had moved from interstate to take up her current role, she was going to leave the organisation as God had “told her too”.

Dani was dumbfounded that anyone could make a decision like this, based on their belief they had chatted with God.

"God at HIs Computer" sourced from google images

Yet as I mused to Dani, is asking God what to do really so different from what is much more common a trend these days – asking the universe?

I was raised in a religious environment. Christened Methodist (now part of the Uniting Church), I then spent many a year dutifully going to sunday school at the Salvation Army.

How I loved throwing my tambourine (complete with ribbons) around in wide circles and loudly singing “I want to be a solider of the cross”.

A Salvos Tambourine sourced from google images

As well as being brought up a Salvo (where I would never have lasted – Salvos do not drink alcohol), I also attended a Catholic girls school for 10 years. Which explains all the guilt I carry.

So the concept of praying to God is not foreign to me, and in the past there have been more than one occasion when I dialled up the Lord. So to speak.

I often wonder then whether I love the idea of the universe as a provider, because there is a spiritual void in my life.

I am not even sure what the rules are for dealing with the Universe. I’ve been told that if you really want something and ‘put the request out there to the universe’, it will happen.

Asking the universe sourced from google images

But earlier this year I was disappointed as the universe had not delivered on a couple of key requests I made. And then I heard that just “talking” to the universe with my requests was probably not going to cut it.

What I needed to do was to be very specific in my requests (too general and the Universe would not know what I really wanted); and I also needed to make sure I thanked the Universe regularly for what the Universe had already provided.

I started a ‘Vision Board’, a concept apparently taken from “The Secret”, although I have never read it.  I started the board after reading how it worked for Mia Freedman of “Mamamia” fame. Or Cosmo’s youngest ever Editor for those of you of my vintage.

I also found a blue glass, heart-shaped pendant that I started either wearing or carrying with me ever day. Regularly I would rub the pendant and thank the Universe for my blessings. And every now and then, I would feel I had earned enough credit to rub the pendant and make my requests.

Sadly, none of those requests have happened. Which is not to say I am unhappy with my life, far from it. Just that, quite disappointingly, nothing I specifically asked the Universe to provide was delivered.

And No, one of my requests was not asking the Universe to provide me with a winning Tattslotto ticket. Nothing that fanciful was on my list.

Recently during our month-long Family Road Trip, the weather was so bad we were at the point of giving up and coming home only one week into the journey.

I kept asking the husband “Why is the Universe doing this to us? What have we done?”.

Ever rational, the husband tried to point out the Universe wasn’t doing anything to us – it was just that we happened to have been caught up in unseasonal storms raging up and down the East Coast of Australia.

And the Universe did provide better weather....

Still I am reluctant to give up on the concept of the universe. As well as being what the “cool people” seem to believe in, I like the idea that some force I cannot see or really comprehend, cares about me.

The idea that if I am basically a good and kind person, then this force will see that good things happen to me.

So whether the ‘force’ is God or the Universe is probably irrelevant.

I just wish that whoever or whatever the force is, it would let my body exercise more than three times a week without getting injured.

Which is of course a whole different post completely.

With thanks till next time,



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  1. Well, firstly, I can’t believe there was no further debate about celebrities!! I was ready.
    I’ve taken to reading this Blog at wine/beer o’clock, Al, and I’m ready for dribbling my thoughts (which I’m way too conservative to do otherwise!!)
    Secondly, don’t believe in God or religion – lots of the bullying I endured at work was due to supposedly religious types – it’s an excuse. My lifestyle was inappropriate yet passive aggressive behaviour in the workplace was deemed to be acceptable. On the other hand, when used for good, it can be a wonderful support for some and for some communities.
    Thirdly, I must remind you, Drew-Forsters – Geoff and I live in a lovely Queenslander with pool, sunshine, decks, beverages and cocker spaniels. Kids never eventuated so we also have spare bedrooms and you are welcome to come and hang out with us. Life’s too short. I need more excuses to drink wine and eat camembert . . . . . with my friends whom I never see . . . . 😦
    What was the question?

    • Love your work Gibbo, love your work!!!
      I agree, disappointed there was no more discussion about the celebrity issue. Apparently The Age (Melb paper) ran a similar story same day as my blog – maybe everybody was busy answering that instead of my blog.
      It is very refreshing to read your comments Gibbo which, as you say, would be unlikely to spring from your mouth without the bravado vino will bring. Not that you are on your own there.
      So you forgot to say if you believe in the universe, or is it you don’t believe in both?
      And thanks for the reminder, I’ve duly taken note.

      • My favourite new saying, which I even used in a meeting today:
        “it is what it is”
        It can refer to anything, it’s non-aggressive, and it provides you with a comment to make in meetings without actually committing to anything and not actually providing your own opinion.
        And everyone in the meeting goes “yeah, that’s right” and everybody feels good and hopefully then the boring meeting ends and you can all get the hell (or heaven, or pile of bones in the dirt) out of there.
        Did I mention that I hate any meeting that goes for longer than 60 mins, unless there’s coffee, cake and/or lollies in between.
        Over and out . . . .

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