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Who drank my Christmas spirit?

The Grinch sourced from google images

I wish I could say that I am the only one feeling this way about Christmas.

But judging by the comments my Facebook friends are posting, I fear it is not just me being a grumpy old woman. Actually, delete the “old” part. “Grumpy Gen X” is much nicer.

Every year though it seems to be getting worse. The dread of Christmas, and the longing for it to all be over so we can get on with our summer holidays.

I never used to be a Christmas Grinch. From my first job as a 15 yr old casual sales assistant I became used to working in retail over the festive season.

And I loved it. The decorations, the customers furiously purchasing gifts for their loved ones. A highlight for me was the time Australia played its first cricket Test match in Hobart. I served Steve Waugh, Ian Healy and Merv Hughes in the Myer lingerie department as they shopped for a present for Steve’s then finance.

Not so funny was when Merv asked me to “model” the lingerie for them. Still, he gave me the gift of a story to dine out on for years after the event.

Merv Hughes sourced from google images

Back to working at Christmas. Even the long 12 hours of standing on your feet all day (well, what else would you stand on) and the constant refrain of “You’d better watch out, You’d better take care” failed to daunt my spirit.

So consumed by the spirit was I that I even took to wearing Christmas earrings, just in case you needed to be reminded what time of year it was.

Yet somewhere over the last few years, I stopped loving Christmas. Instead I have become an ostrich, and try desperately to pretend from about October that it won’t happen this year.

I’m not sure why I turned from Christmas Tragic to Christmas Grinch, and I am not even sure what it is I don’t like about Christmas.

Carols by Candlelight - something I love about Xmas

It might be the shopping. Being part of a large family inevitably means having to part with a minimum $1000 every year for presents, let alone the hours spent at a shopping centre that you can never reclaim.

Although until an injury forced her out of action this year, for the last few years I have been fortunate to utilise the services of my “Xmas Shopping whisper” friend. Shaz graciously gives up a day of her precious time to accompany me to the shops and helps cut a swath through all the decisions I can not make alone.

Do I get my nephews this matchbox car or that one? Or do I get them Lego? “That one” she says with force. So I do. Hours saved from debating the merits between the options.

Then once we have finished the shopping, we usually enjoy a celebratory bevy of some kind. The shopping therefore is probably not what I dislike about Christmas.

Perhaps it is all the required socialising, and the feeling that you just have to see everyone you hold dear before midnight on the 24th December. Even if you haven’t seen them all year.

Again I am somewhat bemused at the thought this might be the reason I have come to dislike Christmas. I am after all an extrovert through and through. I derive my energy from interacting with people. Not only that, as I have said in previous posts, socialising with friends is one of my life’s passions.

I decided to see what Dr Google says about this modern-day phenom.

One website says Christmas is significantly worse for those who suffer from depression, (no real surprise there) and an article in yesterday’s Age warns experts predict increased suicides in Queensland this year as a result of Cyclone Yasi and the floods.

Reasons cited for adults disliking Christmas include

 Christmas has become too commercial.
 a feeling that everyone is having a better time than you.
 spending far too much money.

Other dislikes are:

 eating too much.
 Christmas parties.
 it makes you miserable.

Maybe when all is said and done, the reason us adults do not love Christmas in the same way we did as kids, is simply due to the fact we don’t get anywhere near the same number of presents we did as kids.

On that note I will sign off for the week, as I hear the shops calling out to tell me I should go and buy myself some christmas presents.

Ho Ho Ho till next time,

And here’s hoping we all find some christmas cheer,



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