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Well you tell me what the universe is saying then…

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Ok so here is the deal.

We have been in this house for 9 years.

Pretty much the longest time I have ever lived in one house, yes, even longer than any of my childhood homes.

There was one stage of my life when over a 10 yr period I had lived in around 15 houses.

Which was generally speaking not fun. At least not the packing up and then unpacking again.

Moving day…notice the co-pilot, Joely (RIP).

Although the anticipation of somewhere new, of how life was going to be that much better once you had moved in to the new home, was always something that I enjoyed.

I have talked before on my blog about the gypsy within. The guardian/ soul mate from my former life(s) who every now and then whisper in my ear, “time to move on, time to move on”.

But that is not what I am talking about here.

As I was saying, we have been in this house 9 years. When we moved here it was to my mind a five-year proposition.

A way to move to a larger home (with a spare room for visiting in-laws) which if it wasn’t quite my dream home in my ideal suburb, was a good half way measure.

We have stayed longer than I intended because of a partial renovation a few years ago, but mainly due to that old chestnut – finances.

When you take time out to study and basically don’t earn any money for 18 months, it tends to have an effect on how much you can afford to spend on a mortgage.

And rationally I know that now is not the right time to move. Our finances still have a way to go, and let’s face it, the state of the housing market is less than ideal.

However it seems the universe has other ideas.

First there was the water problems. So far this year we have hs three different plumbers out to fix three different sorts of problems. Still they are not resolved.

So far our water issues have cost close to five grand, and counting.

“money down the drain” courtesy of

Then there was the heater that stopped working just as winter approached. Bang. Replace the part – drop another grand.

The back wall so full of rotten weather boards – no dramas, another couple of thousand and that problem solved. Although the rest of the weatherboards still require attention.

I’m starting to bore myself with these details. And still it goes on.

This month alone – the oven motor breaks; the possums start doing serious damage to the roof; the ‘subfloor’ needs to be built up (see possum problem). Kiss another couple of grand goodbye.

Then yesterday – the power short circuits. 24 hours later half the house remains without power while I sit and wait for the electrician to come.

And try to guess how much this latest hiccup might cost.

My little black book is so full of tradies details, I am thinking I should start my own website – “Tradies u can Trust”.

the sign of a good tradie, courtesy of

I ask myself (and to his increasing frustration, the husband) – how many messages can the Universe send us?

Isn’t it as clear as the wrinkles on my forehead that the universe is very clearly and very loudly (and very expensively) saying – time to move house???

You know what they say about the universe – apparently it just keeps sending the message until you actually hear it.

Meanwhile the clairvoyant I saw on Friday tells me that we will be staying in this house another 2-3 years and shelving out lots of money on repairs (no kidding).

After that though she sees a move to a different house – one where I am sitting back, at peace and happy with where I am at.

Hence my dilemma.

Do I listen to what I believe the universe is telling me and start stalking; or do I tell myself to suck it up, open up a cheque book just for tradies, and look forward to three years time?

And if this isn’t what the universe is trying to tell me – exactly what then is the message I am supposed to hear?

Beers (for tradies) till next time,



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