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In with the new, out with the old (year that is)

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This is not the start I was expecting to 2014.

Here I am in my favourite place in the world, my ‘spiritual home’, at my mother-in-law’s shack on Tassie’s beautiful East Coast.

 For not only am I yet to break out the ‘kini, or even for that matter, anything shorter than ¾ pants, but it is also a grey, rainy and cold start to the year.

No glorious sunshine to herald in the promise of a new beginning.

No swimming in the water my son calls “advertising water” (it looks like it belongs in a commercial for an exotic island destination), feeling all the stress, disappointments and frustrations of 2013 wash away.

Try as hard as I might to tell myself I am being ridiculous, it feels a little like the universe is alerting me to the fact this New Year will not be all sunshine and smiles.

Resolutely however, I am determined to push on with my plans for today.

 Not to make New Year’s Resolutions, which everyone knows are technically meant to be made before midnight on the 31st December and are always broken.

Instead I am going to work on formalising my goals for the new year.

My goals for health, my goals for wealth (or rather, career) and my goals for home and hearth.

Nothing particularly earth shattering, just a few of what those in the HR area like to refer to as SMART goals. For those of you interested – this stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timely goals.

I thought I might start by consulting Stephen Covey’s famous “the seven habits of highly effective people”.

One of the habits is “Put first things first”. In other words, don’t sweat the small stuff. Or spend valuable time on things that are not of value to you.

Rather, Covey suggests kicking off working on this habit by asking yourself what you could do differently, at home and at work, so that if you did it regularly, it would make a positive difference in your life.

Seems like a pretty straight forward question, but it proves difficult to move from “good theory” to “great answer”.

Yet one obvious option for me is to make sure I keep writing. Writing for my blog, writing for online magazines, writing the not-so-secretly-desired-book, or writing for work.

It doesn’t really matter what I am writing, so long as I am writing. For even having spent just a few hours of this disappointing first day of 2014 perched at the typewriter, has filled me with joy and purpose.

Roll on 2014, this year is going to be MY year.

A Happy New Year to you all, and adios for now as I head off to work on those SMART goals.




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