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This special place


Please forgive this indulgence.

For I know I have written about this place before.

I have proclaimed its virtues here, on my blog.

I have written articles describing it as a hidden gem, an ideal spot for us ‘mainlanders’ to escape the hustle and bustle of big city life.

On my Facebook and (very occasional) twitter posts, I’ve uploaded photos with standard captions about how happy I am to be here in MFPITW (my favourite place in the world).

Yet here I am, feeling compelled to write about this magical place and it’s hold on me, once again.

Hence why I crave your indulgence.

I am not even sure what is that I love about this place.

Of course there is the obvious beauty all around me.


The whiter than white sand.

The sea, such a unique shade of blue/green; calm and flat when I wake up in the morning, choppy now as I sit and write at its edge.

The sandstone cliffs at either end of the long, deserted beach. The Tassie bush all around me, with that smell I only ever find here.

Beautiful this place undoubtedly is.

Especially on a day like today, when the morning grey sky has cleared away to become bright blue.

So tempting was the vista, I’ve come down to sit and write on the beach.

Wearing shorts and a t-shirt. In April! Less than I was wearing when I was here in January.

As I gaze up and down the beach, there is not a single other person to be seen in any direction.

The only sound I can hear is the roar of the waves crashing on the rocks, and the words pouring out of my head (or is that my heart?) onto the page.

My life has recently taken an unexpected twist. Nothing too dramatic mind you.

And amongst all of the roller coaster of emotions I have felt over the last few weeks, one thing has stood out.

The need to come here, to this place.

The utter conviction that here is where I am meant to be, at least for now.

I am not here for long. Practicalities like school holidays, and the desire to find a new job, mean this visit must inevitably be brief.

But ah, the visit is so sweet.


Why exactly do I need to be here?

I suspect the answer is multi-layered, and I can only comprehend a few of the more obvious layers.

As always, I felt happy the minute I arrived. So very, very happy. A somewhat rare form of happiness, that feels like it is inside every fibre of my being.

It probably sounds trite to say, but my soul feels peaceful here.

My yoga teachers would be proud of the me I am when I am here.

This version of me is mindful. She is in the present moment, and even the constant chatter in her mind is quiet for a while.

I feel a better version of myself when I am here.

This place makes me feel grounded. Amongst all the uncertainties of my life right now, this grounding seems especially important.

Lastly, not least, being here gives me the time and space to give my creativity a run.

To see if I do have it in me, to be the person I dream of becoming.

Time to finish writing. I feel I have overspent on your indulgence credit.

Cheers from my special place,



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  1. Beautifully written. Makes me want to go.


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