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Playing Dancing Queen

This is me at my 40th birthday with my husband Chris. I like this photo because it not only reminds me of a great night, but reminds me how much I love to party and dance.

The other thing it reminds me of is how reaching the 40th milestone was a true turning point in my life.

Since this night I have quit my job as a lawyer and set out to tick off a long standing item on my bucket list.

In 2010 I studied fulltime for a Post Graduate Diploma in Journalism and surprised myself as much as anyone by not only finishing, but actually doing pretty well.

So here I am – a Gen X ex-lawyer embracing my new writing skills and the 21st century by starting my own blog.

What else to tell you about me?

As I say on my first post – I’m from a complicated family background.  I was adopted as a three week old baby to a large loving family.

When I was 19, I met members of my birth families and now I can properly say I have nine brothers, two sisters, two mums, two dads, as well as in-laws.

I couldn’t tell you how many cousins I have. At last count  I have  around 35 neices and nephews.

Then there are my own two babies – Chloe and Zach.

Chloe and Zach at Spring Beach, Tasmania.

I like to exercise and am currently addicted to boxing classes. My exercise regime varies according to the state of my body, which has not had a good working relationship with my cartilage the last few years.

I also enjoy a glass or two of champers or vino, probably more than I should, but less than dangerous levels.

I am blessed with many lovely friends (some of them also family members!) and if I have a hobby, it is spending time with them, catching up over a drink of some kind or watching a movie together.

It is the feeling I have when I am spending time with the girls that I hope to replicate on this blog.

So come and join my friends old and new on this blog for thinking women who also want to have fun.


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  1. Hi Al
    Just as I am shy in real life, I find I am also Blog shy. It’s like being in a teleconference: speaking in paragraphs without seeing or sensing the feedback.
    Anyhoo, lovely pics. I’ll try to keep up. Fi(aka Gibbo) x

  2. Hi Ali
    Love the blog. Hope you are well. In the middle of the RMIT course and loving it.


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